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Announcements | Spring 2021

With ‘Spring’ upon us there are two keythings tenants need to focus on:

1.) Make sure you are changing your air filter on the AC units. Dust can pack them and hamper air flow. Poor air flow can freeze up you unit.

2.) Weeds, weed control. The sooner you get on them the easier they are to control. Weed control is the tenants responsibility.

3.) Pest Control. Your house can be as clean and pure as the driven snow but the cockroach or the ever present ant doesn’t know that. (Cleanliness helps – don’t get me wrong). Take time to spray your unit and keep on top of them critters. Southwest Exterminators or Bug Zapper are two affordable and qualified companies that can help too.

Have a happy and safe spring and summer.

Kendall Clements


Interested in Home Ownership vs Renting?

When you make your rent payment each month – all of that goes to the benefit of others. Sure you have a place to live but you are building other people ‘Equity’ and not your own.

A key building block of wealth is Real Estate. Owning your own place. We are great property managers and we’re also great agents and we have the tools to help you plan, prepare and buy a place to call home. Let’s get together and discuss your plan for building personal wealth.