Unusual name YES, Amazing service . . . priceless

. . . PM Rent Works . . .  what was I thinking at 2 am?  Many innovators and entrepreneurs through out history have come up with some silly names, such as the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X brick Phone.  But look at where we are today with our smart phones and apps doing so much.

Our vision for our company is to offer multiple Property Management (PM) services such as rental property management, broker services, pest control, yard care, home maintenance services and so forth (our ‘WORKS’) that people need – but bundle them to offer lower costs to the consumer.  We’re still innovating and bringing more and more PM services to the table as we journey along the road of life.

Just thought I’d share the vision and why the goofy name with you.  Hope to be at your door step soon

Kendall Clements


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