LEAF SEASON (Football!)


Football Season = Leaf Season

I love football season, don’t really care who’s playing and I always cheer against ‘THE Ohio State’ or USC. (Not anything against the coach, school or program, I just like to see the other guy win for a change – go under dogs!)

Leaf Season in St George can in a single day or drag on for weeks depending if we get a quick cold snap or we ease into winter.  Either way the average yard will produce 8-15 bags of leaves or more for those who have a mulberry tree or two.

Our landscape crew has a new tool this year to help with the battle – we’ve acquired a ‘Cyclone Rake’ lawn vacuum with a 10 inch feed line and 30 feet of reach.  We’re excited because we can suck up and bag leafs like no one else.  Last year we did it all by hand, rake, mow, blow, stuff (a curse word or two perhaps) and repeat until the job was done.  This year we hope to suck up and pulverize the leafs  The cyclone has a powerful 10 inch diameter impeller blade made of flexible composite so it can take on twigs and small rocks without fracturing.

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